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At League Assists, we thrive at the intersection of sports and culture, helping athletes and sports brands find creative, upstream ways to give back to the community.


What We Do

Philanthropic Consulting

We guide your journey through the philanthropic landscape with expert consulting services. Leveraging extensive knowledge in sports philanthropy, we navigate the complexities of giving, partnerships, and branding ensuring your contributions make lasting upstream impact in the communities you care about.

Community Impact Partnership Development

Building bridges between athletes, brands, and communities, League Assists develops partnerships that are more than transactions—they're transformative relationships. Our strategic alliances amplify your social impact, foster community support, and enhance your brand's ethos.

Tailored Branding, Digital Marketing & Communications

Our approach to branding and communications is all about being unique, creative, and deliberate. At League Assists, we tailor branding strategies and digital marketing efforts to truly capture the essence of your sport and business, ensuring they authentically strike a chord with your audience.

Foundation/501c3 Facilitation

League Assists connects your foundation with trusted experts for seamless compliance, efficient operations, and impactful philanthropy. We focus on aligning your philanthropic vision with the right expertise, so you can concentrate on what matters most—making a difference.

Event/Program Management

We work with your team to ensure your events and programs provide unforgettable experiences for those you serve. We manage every detail, ensuring that each event and program align with your philanthropic vision and leaves a lasting legacy of community engagement and impact.

Hi, I'm Dean, Founder & CEO of League Assists!

I'm all about tapping into the incredible power of sports to spark community growth with innovative and heartfelt philanthropic efforts. In my work, I channel the vibrant energy of sports alongside my clients’ unique visions to launch impactful initiatives that truly make a difference. My focus? To weave together strategies that fit perfectly within the sports world while also fostering strong community ties.

My professional path has been enriched by collaborations with industry leaders such as the NFL, NCAA Final Four, Nike, WSLAM, RISE, PeacePlayers, the Ben Simmons Family Foundation, and the Renee Montgomery Foundation. Drawing from this experience and network, my ambition is to align with your team, creating community initiatives that not only mirror your commitment but also amplify your personal and brand narratives.

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